Monday, July 14, 2008

A-well-a Everybody's Heard About the Burj B-b-b-burj, Burj, Burj, B-burj's the Word

Every time people ask me about Dubai it is usually one of three questions:
1. Do you have to wear a burqa?
2. Have you ridden a camel?
3. Have you been to that Sail thing?

The answers are:
1. Absolutely not!
2. Not in Dubai yet, but I did in Israel
3. YES, finally!!!!!

Friday was our friend Imad's birthday, and to celebrate he booked a suite at the Burj Al Arab. For those of you who don't know (how could you not?) The Burj Al Arab is the famous "Sail Hotel" on the coastline of Dubai, and it is even more famous for being the only self proclaimed 7 Star hotel. Other interesting facts:

-It is the tallest hotel in the world
-It sits on its own man made island off the coast of Dubai
-In March 2004, professional golfer
Tiger Woods hit several golf balls from the helipad into the Persian Gulf, while
-In February 2005, professional
tennis players Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played an unranked game on the helipad, which was temporarily converted into a grass tennis court, at a height of 211 meters. The helipad has no borders or fences on the edges and if a player hit a winner the tennis balls would plunge down to the ground
-Some of the suites have 24kt gold toilets
For more facts,
click here!

We were completely overwhelmed by the huge atrium, fountains, and built in aquariums. You can think of the general decor in two ways. One, is it beautiful and over the top opulence! Two, it kind of looks like Aladdin's house threw up. I am some where in between on this one.

The suites definitely did not disappoint! All the suites there are two stories and have views of the Gulf. They also include a grand spiral staircase! Check our our picture and video tour below! At one point I looked over at Lisa who was peering out the window and she had tears in her eyes!

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