Thursday, July 3, 2008

Behold, the Thunderbox

Heading around town in a dhow is something that most Dubai tourists get a chance to do, but like everything at Dubai Social, few do it in so much style. We went on a dhow with so much retro charm, the "toilet" was attached to the back of the boat, hanging from chains. That's no American Standard, big boy - that there's a Thunderbox-brand hole in the floor. Custom molded wooden foot pads (because you have to squat, not sit - seriously), extra large cubby for the larger tourists, and the Thunderbox plaque of authenticity. Remember folks, if it's not a thunderbox, then you're just going to the bathroom in the river off a plank on the back of a boat. Made in the UAE - tell your friends!

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udjim said...

Oh yes, this one is definitely going into my Accessibility presentations.