Monday, February 7, 2011

Kevin Spacey?

You're going to have to take my word for it.  There is only one picture from that night and it has nothing to do with my title, unfortunately.  Yes - Lisa, Matt and I - all saw Kevin Spacey on Thursday night.

We were having a big night out with a group of friends at Caramel in the Dubai International Financial Center and the lounge was packed!  An hour into the night as we are all standing around socializing Matt comes up to me and says, "I swear I just saw Kevin Spacey order a drink at the bar.  I was standing right across from him."

A word.  Matt is notoriously subject to have celebrity doppelganger sightings often.  He's very attentive and observant, but he doesn't always get it right.  Which is why, much to my own chagrin, I didn't put a lot of faith in his claim.  Kevin Spacey was just at a bar in the DIFC in DUBAI?  Ordering a beer?  Seemed to good to be true.

Well, it was.  After asking our waitress if Kevin Spacey was in the house and receiving a "wink" in return, the game was on.  Lisa and I artfully made our way through the velvet-roped off outdoor lounge area.  ("I was just here don't you remember me?!")  There we stood in the middle of the platform surrounded by tables and people looking for Kevin Spacey.  We were about to give up after a few scans as we didn't want to appear TOO obvious, when I said "Oh my god!  He's right behind you.", as I looked over Lisa's shoulder. 

Sure enough there he was.  Sitting casually at a table of about 10 people flanked by some interesting looking people, and the rest bored models.  While we stared at him, while pretending not to stare, I was anxious to yell something.  "Long live Kaizer Sosig!  I love Lester Burnham!  You were really scary in Seven!"  But none of these epitaphs came out.  So, yeah, I just stared.  Lisa and I are both sure we got about 5 seconds of eye contact and that was good enough for us.  Not to mention the 6'5" security guard didn't look like he was letting opportunities for photographs go by easily.

So there you have it, the makings of a great Thursday night: a cocktail and Kevin Spacey.

(Next time I'll believe Matt!)

Do we look star struck?

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