Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dining With the Stars (and Clouds, and Moon)

Sometimes you just want to rise above it all.  If you ever dreamed of dining in the sky, the Burj Khalifa has just unveiled it's latest gravity-defying venue, a new restaurant on the 122 floor named At.mospehere (yes the dot is intentional).  It is the tallest restaurant and bar in the world, clocking in at 1450 feet above the ground.  Just in case you wanted to enjoy your tequila sunrise a little closer to the sun.   

Of course the world's tallest dining room doesn't come with out a price.  Patrons are charged a minimum of AED450 ($122) a head to have dinner. Those wanting to book the luxury restaurant’s private dining area will be expected to fork out at least AED650 ($176.9) per guest, while afternoon tea comes in at nearly $100 (AED350). For drinks and snacks in the lounge area, guests must spend AED200 ($54.45) per head.

While I was busy applying for a loan so I could make a reservation, a wonderful call came through.  We were invited to a private whiskey tasting for Chivas 18 in the At.mosphere lounge the following evening.  Thank you karma (this has to be the fact that I helped that lady with her groceries)! 

Matt and I anxiously prepared for an evening out and couldn't wait to see the venue.  The entrance was discreet and elegant and had enough security personnel to make your local mall jealous.  We were greeted by name in the lobby and then whisked up 123 floors, which took the elevator just under one minute.  We then had to walk one floor down on a glassed-in spiral staircase that hugs the curve of the building.  If you weren't afraid of height before you are now!  It's a stunning view of the entire surrounding area.    

After braving the staircase we were treated to a dimly lit and intimate lounge where we were delighted by the custom drink stlyings of Max.  He's so good he only goes by one name.  When asked what he was up to tomorrow night he informed us he was catching a fight to London as the head bartender for Vivienne Westwood's fashion show.  Yeah, he's in demand.

We had a great evening enjoying the company, the view, and the tasting.  At the end we learned that paperwork had been filed with Guinness to certify this event as the "highest whiskey tasting" that's ever taken place.  When I told my Mom I wanted to be famous I'm not sure this is what she had in mind!  
The beautiful staircase.
Breathing a sigh of relief after making it down the stairs.

Learning a lot about whiskey at the bar.
Fifi is the hostest with the mostest.

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jimdad said...

Congratulations on your survival. That's a lot higher than I've ever been on Chivas.

Please tell us that you didn't have to negotiate the staircase on the way back