Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Photos Made the Cut - CNN iReport on Dubai!

While Matt and I almost always take our photographs for an "audience" (here's looking at you Mom), we were thrilled to find out that today that our audience might be a big bigger than what we are used to!

After conversing with a CNN reporter via email, they decided to chose 6 of the 10 photos we submitted for their photo story "Old and New Collide in Dubai".  With only 14 photos being featured we are pretty pleased to make up almost 50% of the images!

Of course, while I lay claim to having been present while all the pictures were taken and I helped defog the lens a few times, and possibly held a spare lens cap in my purse - Matt took all the pictures.  I guess when you are married you have to learn how to share everything, including photo credits (crediting Matt appropriately got lost in translation via the email submission).  Of course with the guts (to steal your husband's photos) comes the glory of having a few quotes posted on CNN's page for a few hours.

Here's to Matt and his incredible 'eye' for Dubai.

1 comment:

jimdad said...

No question - you two make a great team in so many ways.

'Hope CNN knows you have a few more (thousand) photos to share.