Sunday, January 30, 2011

Netherwood Drive Reunion

Few numbers trigger as many pleasant memories as 45 Netherwood Drive.  From the ages of 5 to 14 this is the address of my formative years.  Just a simple subdivision of 30 houses, Netherwood Drive was a veritable kids paradise - to start there was almost 50 kids living there!  We had hills, cornfields, two cul-de-sacs, plenty of tree lines AND a not so secret trail to the YMCA where we used all the outdoor facilities for free.  I can still name every family who lived in each house while we were there.

So I was totally shocked and delighted to learn that one of the gals from the "old neighborhood" was moving to the Middle East and even more excited to find out she was coming to Dubai for the weekend!  Liz Sinapi was the youngest of three sisters who lived on the other side of the neighborhood.  If you think I was surprised to have a Coatesville teacher pass through, I was stunned to have someone from precisely my old 'hood touching down.

Liz and her husband Kris are living in Doha, Qatar and came for a quick weekend trip to Dubai.  We had a fantastic time taking them out for some yummy Thai while watching the Fountain (they've now added a Thriller song!) and hosting them afterwards on our balcony.

While Lisa, Liz and I enjoyed swapping stories about flashlight tag, the Y, the "teenagers" of Netherwood, and what everybody is up to these days, Kris and Matt fortified themselves inside with a few Heinekens and rode out the storm.

At 1:30am we finally had to let them go, but we can't wait until they come back to visit us!  (And hopefully we will make it to Doha sometime soon.  Liz has promised to teach me how to play golf..;)

Enjoying the terrace at Mango Tree
The girls and the Burj Khalifa
Everybody is comfy on the balcony.
This was taken before Kris needed to move because of vertigo issues! That glass wall does freak people out!


jimdad said...

What a treat for you - So much for "you can't go home again" - now it seems home can come to you, too!

Bone Junior said...

The phantom hand on your sister's hip freaks me out more than the glass wall.