Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Recap!

One of the best parts about living on the other side of the world is coming home!  Yes, it can be an emotional roller-coaster most of the time, all those 'hellos' and 'goodbyes' can get a bit taxing.  But nothing can really beat the anticipation of being home for the holidays.  We had the chance to spent time with all our friends and loved ones and actually enjoyed bundling up in the snow.  I know this comment is going to be groan-inducing for our kin in the US, but honestly wearing a sundress and flip-flops every day does get a little old.  So bring on the sweaters, boots, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and fireplaces!  We love playing our part during the most wonderful time of the year.
 Mom cooked dinner and I got to see Kristen and Sarah my first hour home - time is of the essence!
 Sarah gets some love from Kristen's new puppy Maggie.
 The Christmas Eve family portrait.
 The tree and the decorations were fantastic!
 Ryan and his best friend friend Ali dressed for the occasion.
 Ryan receives some gear for Christmas and starts working it like Zoolander.
Everybody is all smiles on Christmas morning at the Shaver house.
The next morning in DC we traveled to National Harbor with Bonnie and Jim for the Ice experience.  On our way in we were greeted, much to Matt's delight by the world's largest Peep Christmas tree.  Yum. 
 It's only 9 degrees inside the Ice tent where the Grinch is waiting.
After you receive your standard-issue blue parka you enter Who-ville for scenes from the Grinch who stole Christmas!

A few of the beautiful sculptures:

Finally back on the streets of Georgetown - and it feels so good!  On our way to hit up Bistro Lepic before we leave town.
 We were treated to a fantastic sunset at the POV bar in the W Hotel downtown.
Matt works some magic with his new camera lens.  The Marine Corps monument can be seen in the distance.

Feeling extremely grateful and having our fill of Christmas cheer we head to New York City for New Year's Eve!

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jimdad said...

As always, your presence was our best present, though I have to admit you brought some great ones. 'Gotta love KnotStandard!