Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bon Voyage!

It's the end of an era here in Dubai as we say farewell to my sister Lisa and her boyfriend Basile.  They are moving to London in the next few weeks and we are sure going to miss them.  This weekend was the grand finale of goodbyes and culminated in us grabbing a table for 20 at our favorite brunch spot, Al Qasr, to send them off in style.  We are sad to see Lisa and Bas go, but are excited for the new opportunities they are going to have in London (and providing a free place to crash when we are in town)!

Even the skies were crying because they were leaving!  We were treated to a grey, rainy day (unheard of in DXB) courtesy of Mother Nature.  Or maybe she was giving them a taste of what they are in for!  Not to worry we totally outfitted Lisa with some adorable wet/cold weather wear so she will be styling in the UK.  Matt and I can't wait to visit - it's been too long since I've had a cottage pie and cider!  See ya soon guys!

Huge pretzel, salami, waffles, gazpacho, and a glass of saki (Matt's plate), there is no judgment at brunch!
An artistic send off.  Matt had a secret caricature of Basile drawn while he was sitting at the table.
The ladies giving Lisa some love.
Lisa saying bye to the smallest member of the crew, Charlie.
Matt decided a kick line was the best way to convey his emotions.
Basile shows us how the French do good byes.  A huge bottle of champagne.
Lisa says that this is their "I can't believe I am moving to London" look.

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