Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What To Do When Your Government Announces a Four Day Surprise Holiday? "Phuket" Lets Go to Phuket!

To begin, the 'h' is silent, ahem.  But that's about the only thing that's understated about "Pooket".  With a surprise four-day holiday sprung on us at the last minute: UAE National Day meets Hijri New Year (welcome to year 1432 on the Islamic calendar) we took the chance to feed our travel addiction.

The island of Phuket, Thailand has long been heralded in this part of the world as one of the "must see" destinations in Southeast Asia, so we went to go see what all the fuss is about.  Now we can see why.  It's got something for everyone.  Whether you want to chill out on the beach in Bang Tao, go hiking around mountains in Siray Bay, or get into some serious naughty debauchery in Patong - the island caters to all types of vacation seekers.  We rented a car (barely survived some 'driving on the wrong side of the road' issues) and took all of it in.  The Thais believe that life isn't worth living unless you have "sanuk" - a sense of joy or fun in what you are doing, regardless of what it is.  The island of Phuket didn't make sanuk hard to find!

A gorgeous sunset over Siray Bay greeted us on arrival.
The back lit statue of the seated golden Buddha that sits on the mountain top.
When this guy landed on Matt's shoe, he knew just what to do.  It is Thailand after all.
The Promthep Clock Tower in old Phuket town was built in during WWI in 1914, but the ship that was to deliver it's clock sank and it stood without a clock for 62 years!  In 1976 the local Lions Club finally donated one.    
There are a lot of brilliantly painted buildings downtown.
As always the motorbike is an essential transport.
We had lunch over looking this outcropping on Patong Beach.
While waiting for lunch I went crabbing in the tidal pools.  There were tons of crabs but this was the only one I was brave enough to pick up!
Matt taking in the view (in a great looking KnotStandard.com shirt) :)
The Ironman Triathlon was held this weekend on the island.  The first guy past the finish line was from the USA!
We got the chance to take out some beautiful horses on the beach!  Matt took off at a full gallop with this beauty.
The cannonball head isn't my best look, but it's hard to care when you are looking at this!

Then he got a hug...
...and a kiss from a baby elephant.
Just like a human 3 year old, this toddler loves to play in the sand!
 I think I'm in love!  His name is Lailai.
On our last night we set off a floating lantern into the night sky.  The Thais believe that this symbolizes casting off your troubles and letting them float away. 

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jimdad said...

No one can accuse you of wasting a 4-day holiday.

'Love the elephant and lantern videos (please send instructions for launching the lantern satellite).