Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Tis the Season

Expats are serious about the traditions of their home land.  In fact it seems a phenomenon happens in which we become even more fervent about celebrating our traditions and customs here than we would be back home.  Something about the absence of the holiday makes our hearts grow fonder.  Which means that you often find expats doubling-down their effort to pull off a 4th of July, Easter brunch, Thanksgiving, or Superbowl party.  Of course Christmas is just the whole enchilada (see I would never say that at home, but I feel its necessary to honor how much I love Tex-Mex.)

This year the calendar has been packed with parties and then camaraderie amongst us who are far from home really does make it feel like the season!
All dressed up for the Arnold's Christmas Party
The festive spread left nothing to be desired.

Baking cookies for Fiona's Christmas party.
The result of hours in the kitchen!  (Plus the 100 or so cookies off camera).
Matt can't help himself from creating in the kitchen.  He whipped up a Jack Daniel's gravy for our roast.
Santa and his reindeer brought deviled eggs!
My contribution to our White Elephant gift exchange.  Of course Pennsylvania-bred present.
My gift - two pens: a man in candura and a woman in burqua.
Nick models his take - a UAE hat.
Fiona combines several gifts for the perfect holiday outfit!
What is Matt doing to little Molly?

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jimdad said...

Looks like a great party and terrific feast. Are those pretzels in the dessert?!