Saturday, October 30, 2010

31 Flavors of Birthday: Traiteur, The Cellar, Sugar Daddy's, and Tasti D Lite

There's just too much to choose from!  For my 31st birthday this year, Katie was kind enough NOT to book a 31-course dinner - last year's 7-hour feast was amazing, but I'd definitely be dead by 35 if we kept that up!  Instead, she spread it out over a few days.  Birthday celebrations began as all should - with breakfast custom mint ice cream cakes!
Last in the day (at a more acceptable hour), we had dinner at the Cellar restaurant, where you can literally order anything on the menu as many times as you'd like ("Can I have 3 steaks, please?").  What do you have for dessert at a restaurant that will bring you whatever you want?  Why, cupcakes you import from Sugar Daddy's location down the street, of course.
Two minutes later:
 The next day, we had a nice, low-key dinner on the 25th with just the two of us at Traiteur.  
The food was, as always, fantastic, but the real winner at that place is the unbelievable bread.  Fortunately, they kept it coming, and 3 baskets of mini-baguettes later, I was ready for bed!   
Even the elevator was wishing me a happy birthday (but after I turn 34, we'll have to move to a taller building!)

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jimdad said...

'Looks like a fantastic birthday weekend, and well deserved. Boy, are we glad we shared our recipe for the low-calorie butter and salt appetizer!