Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dubai Booty!

No not that booty! The pirate kind! This past week we really hit pay dirt on the make up front. And just like an artist with their paints, we just can't have enough medium to work with! The taste for the best products and potions can become a bit hefty so we are always happy with freebies. This week Lisa and I attended the opening of the new Sephora store in the Dubai Mall and they sent us off with quite the gift bag: eyeliners, moisturizer, hair products, nail polish, face masks, you name it and we got it!

As if we weren't thrilled enough with our take, the next day Lisa's magazine was hosting a beauty sale. That means that a lot of the products that are sent to the magazine are sold to the staff to try out at major discounts from the market price! I sent her off with 200 dirhams and god's speed to do her best. Apparently these events can get quite competitive, think Walmart on black Friday, I don't think there has been any blood drawn...yet. This time she went in with a plan: step 1 - run into the room, step 2 - grab everything in sight no matter what it is, step 3 - find a secluded corner and sort through your booty while avoiding other vultures, step 4 - lather, rise, repeat until all items are gone...

She did a great job! Our biggest win was the Photo Finish silicone-based makeup primer. If you don't know what that does, then you certainly don't need too!

But if you're ever in the neighborhood and need some extra moisturizer, stop on by!

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