Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dinner in the Sky

Isn’t airplane food bad enough? Why would any of us willingly return to the sky to seek out dinner?

Apparently ‘Dinner in the Sky’ is looking to revamp any conventional ideas you might have about where you sit for your next meal. This concept has just come to Dubai and Matt and I recently had a chance to check it out as we were walking along the beach. Honestly, we see the craziest things here! In short it is a platform with seats (think like a roller coater, harness and all) suspended 50 metres in the air. Once you are strapped into your custom designed seats around an unconventional dining table, you are hoisted into the air by a 100 ton crane. Once in the air, the table is free to rotate 180 degrees while the your feet hang free under the dinner table. Apparently, this is no burger shack. According to their website they serve gourmet three course meals with chefs and waiters on hand to pamper the guests, er…guinea pigs.
The concept, however, has apparently been proven quite successful. Recently, Forbes Magazine US voted it as one of the 10 most unusual events and restaurants in the world. So far it has floated over a number of the world’s most famous cities, and now they are adding Dubai to their list. Take a moment to drop by their site to look at some of the incredible pictures of them dangling above the world! Of course, you are probably thinking “so…have you done it yet?” Actually, I think we have missed the boat, as it is only in town for a few weeks and it’s been pretty booked. We are looking into however! You will see if you go to the website that they are now hosting a Marriage in the Sky option…now we just have to build a parachute into Matt’s tux!

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