Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We just flew in, and boy, are our arms tired!

Well, how's that for communication? I make trip one trip to Saudi Arabia, and get pre-empted on my "we're back!" posting. See, you lose focus in this game for one second, and there's a younger, cuter person waiting in the wings to take your spot. (See below, yet another instance of my spot getting stolen)

For the past two weeks, we've been all over the planet put together a wedding, and now that I'm catching up on a couple of projects in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (and it's 110 degrees out), I can honestly say I prefer the cold, rainy days on the good old East Coast USA for a while.

But, if we HAVE to be running around the Gulf for a little bit, we might as well get back to the 4 B's: Beach, Brunch, Burj, and dune Bashing. This past week, we shared the 4 B's with two friends visit us from DC and New York. With the temperatures pushing 105 degrees fahrenheit, our days of all of those are getting numbered - time to squeeze in as much as possible before you can fry an egg just by putting it near the window! Here's an artist's rendering of summer brunch in Dubai:

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udjim said...

Dubai brunch on the beach looks tasty, if a little disturbing.

We truly regret missing our spring window to visit - hoping for another chance later in the year.