Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April "Showers" Bring August Weddings

We are back in the land of sand and sun, after a quick trip to the US to see our families, have my bridal shower and do some wedding planning. As much as Matt and I have enjoyed parts of the process, with both admit we can't wait to come home and not be planning a wedding! It seems to have dominated all of our time home for the past few trips, with so much to do!However amidst all the planning, I had a bit of wedding fun. I finally got to do that "shower" thing! The bridal shower was just incredible, and I couldn't have been happier to see all the friends and family who were there. My bridesmaids are just the best group of girls ever! They created a travel theme for the shower, with collage centerpieces using pictures of Matt and I from our travels, they also got an amazing suitcase cake, and had luggage tags made for the favors! Born wedding planners! Check out the pictures below, to see the most expertly made bow and ribbon bouquet ever. These gals are like MacGyver, you won't believe what they can do with a pair of scissors and tape!

The shower wasn't the only milestone on this trip home. It also happened to be my Mom and Aunt Theresa's big 5-0 birthday. To celebrate they spent the day at the spa and then did a photo shoot to mark this big birthday. The pictures speak for themselves, they look awesome! We capped off the day with a celebratory dinner.
All the fun was accompanied with some bitter sweetness, my Mom and Aunt Theresa's best friend from high school passed away this year. She is sorely missed but we are always thinking of her. Before she passed she was instrumental in creating an annual Mother-Daughter dinner at her church. I was so happy that I was able to attend the dinner with Sharon's family, my Mom, Aunt T, and Susan. It was great! All the waiters were men and they served the ladies like we were queens. There was also a really moving tribute for Sharon, which made us laugh and cry.
And finally, the last highlight of them all, I never thought I would see the day that Dad would be the one dragging me out of the dance floor, but while I was home he surprised me with a father-daughter dance lesson! He came along way in just 2 hours, and we both learned a thing or too. Just before I had to leave for the airport we did a little rehearsal in the middle of the kitchen. Watch out dancing with the stars!

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