Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Roaring Twenties!

You might remember last year Matt and I attended the Friends of Dubai's English Speaking School Ball to help raise money for the kiddies and this year was no exception. Bearing in mind that that these kids already have state of the art classrooms, and laptops and great sports equipment we aren't sure where these funds will be directed (fillet mignon for lunch maybe?) but hey they are my boss's kids so that is another good reason to attend! Unfortunately for Matt and I when we received the last minute invitation, we weren't given the additional detail we needed on the dress code. Apparently, not only was it black tie, but more importantly it was 1920's attire optional. We entered the lobby to see an array of pin stripped suits, Tommy guns, feather boas, and flapper dresses. We had dressed for the wrong decade! Lucky for us, they had set up the ultimate accessory in the lobby - a sweet ride! Once we were behind the wheel of that baby we forgot all about our wardrobe woes!

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udjim said...

Great party, interesting car, especially the steering wheel option, allowing the driver to be on the right, left, even in the center. Brilliant!