Friday, May 15, 2009

The Air of Lebanon

Welcome to the first in a three-part series, wacky things from the Middle East. Yes, I know - a lot of what we write about are wacky things from the Middle East, but these are small, carry-on-sized things from the wacky Middle East. First up: Hawa Lebnan, or the "Air of Lebanon". Here's an excerpt from their facebook page (

  • Simply, Hawa Lebnan is a can that is made of the air of Lebanon, it is sealed and can be bought to remind us that inside that can, a part of Lebanon is at home with us or at a friend's house thousands of miles away.. The product is registered in the Ministry of Economy and Trade No:4011 - Date : 19-7-2007

    The Ingredient is Fresh Air from Lebanon. No liquid, no gas, no chemicals, no pressure, and no alcohol.

    The Idea has sprung out of the love of Racha Najjar to her country and at a time where Lebanon is still suffering from the issues it has always suffered from. Her thoughts were " maybe I can do something good for my country before it's too late". Well she's done it and we all wish her all the luck. Racha Najjar is a true advocate of Lebanon.

Cool, eh? The first thing that came to my mind was Spaceballs. Does anybody else out there remember PerriAir, the salt-free canned air from Druidia? Nobody? Let me refresh your memory:

Coming up next: Saudi Champagne (not kidding).

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udjim said...

I hope the situtation isn't so dire that Lebanon is turning to Mel Brooks for ideas, but I wish I had a can of fresh air for every time I've watched Spaceballs.