Thursday, February 19, 2009

Excuse Me, Don't You Know Who I Am?

Working at a magazine definitely has its perks! During work on Wednesday I heard about the Etoile Fashion Show that was taking place that evening in Dubai. Never one to miss a fashion show opportunity, I knew I had to get tickets! Unfortunately our editorial team hadn't received any tickets so I decided I had to sharpen my Dubai negotiating skills and find a way into the show.

The show was the finale event for the Dubai Shopping Festival which is when all stores in Dubai heavily discount all of their merchandise for the month. I decided just to get on the DSF website and dial the "Contact Us" number. I explained how a very prominent staff member of the Emirates Woman magazine team (oh yeah that’s me!) was in desperate need of tickets.

After several phone calls I was given the personal mobile phone number of the event planner who I was instructed to call once I was outside the ballroom. Of course, things are never that easy and when we arrived the event planner was no where to be found and wasn’t picking up their phone. So I resorted to a full verbal assault on the security guard, with my friend Fiona, hoping to confuse him with too much information. I just remember repeating the words “magazine” “important” “press” “reserved” “event planner” “did I mention I am from Emirates Woman magazine!!!” It turns out that my scattered word approach worked because he relented and two hours later, my friend Fiona and I were sitting next to the runway looking at the new Christian Dior collection! The show was amazing but I must admit the best part is always the free goody bags! Free Christian Dior perfume anyone?

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