Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bruised, Beaten, and Sandblasted to a Pulp

Tomorrow marks that huge 30th birthday For a For Friend of ours (he used to play professional Football, but he'll never admit that without a pint). However, since Mondays don't lend themselves to all-day events(even in Dubai with everyone laid off!) we had a weekend extravaganza of pain. Friday was a LOOONG day. Morning: Quad-biking in the Desert, and the birthday boy busts his leg flipping the ATV, and then receives a complimentary covering of sand:

Mid-day: Sand boarding on some big dunes. The way down was pretty safe and slow - it's climbing back up the giant sand down that is just PAINFUL.Afternoon: Paintball at the Sharjah shooting club. It would've all been fun and games until the other team ganged up on me after I was out and shot me a couple of dozen times at point blank range. I couldn't even shoot back - my gun was jammed. I have so many ball-shaped bruises that it looks like I was attacked by a giant octopus.
Evening: Fine food, friends, and there's no word for drinks that starts with F. But it was fun and pain-free!
PS: One of our Friends had enough Foresight to Fit himself for the Full Friday Festivities:

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chris said...

You should have used protection. And you should have had your gun or better yet mine. You could have shot them all 5 times in under a sec. But next time wear layers.