Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flying High

We are so thrilled that our friend Carlton, has come from Washington, DC to visit us! Matt is particularly happy that the balance in the household is atleast 50/50 for a period of time, and he is making sure that he takes advantage of it! Saturday was a packed full day of boy activities, and lucky for us Lisa and I had a lot of fun tagging along!Matt booked us all on a morning flight in a seaplane over Dubai. It was great to see our sandtrap-of-a-home from the air. Seeing all of the construction projects from above and some of Dubai's most iconic buildings gave us a great perspective on how the city is growing, and what it all looks like from above. Being in a seaplane that only holds 10 people, gave us a few "belly flops" a few times, but thankfully Matt was sitting up front in the cockpit to assure us that everything was just fine. (In fact, we are probably lucky he didn't grab the controls!)

Here are a few highlights from the world above Dubai:
The Burj Al Arab on it's own island and the Jumeriah Beach Hotel.

The Burj Dubai looks huge! The are still building it.

The Marina.

The World Islands, nothing there yet.

For scale: the buildings next to the Burj Dubai are approx. 40 stories.

Emirates Towers, where I work.

The Palm Jumeriah, with the Atlantis hotel at the end.

The Palm fronds.

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