Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Come On People, Get Out There!

The number one news story in the rest of the world (as evidenced below by the Khaleej Times and Gulf News), is that all of you are voting! We are all watching and waiting, so make sure you get out there and do your thing!

Matt, Lisa, and I have got some serious ants in the pants so we are going to kill the time by checking out the grand opening of the brand new Dubai Mall, which has opened up right next to our apartment building – more on that later – then we are going to go to bed and wake up at 6am, thanks to a 9 hour time difference, to attend a UAE Democrats Election Results Party. I prefer to call it a VICTORY PARTY! Here's to hoping!

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udjim said...

Congratulations to all of us - We're celebrating here, too!