Friday, September 5, 2008

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Super Matt!

They may not be Olympic trained athletes, but last Saturday at the “Kas Tatweer” the competition was fierce! “Kas Tatweer” which means the Tatweer Cup, is the annual athletic competition between the employees of the many different entities in our company – Tatweer. Naturally, given the 111 degree weather, the competitions were held inside at a local private high school. Matt was only slated to play on his company’s soccer team, but was quickly drafted upon arrival to join the volleyball competition, as well. It seems that despite his grumbling Matt was made to play the game, those extra long arms and legs really came in handy and before I knew it he was a one man show: digging, setting, blocking and spiking at the net…I’d never seen this before! The crowd was loving it, and was going berserk every time Matt owned someone at the net!

This set the stage for the soccer competition which quickly got off to a good start with a near miss shot on goal by Matt. The ball bounced back to him and when he hooked it back with his foot towards the goal, he managed to miss the goal but score a perfect bank shot on the basketball net overhead, the crowd just went wild! After hooking a few more in the goal with that tricky left foot, the game was won! People were rushing up to Matt high-fiving, cheering his name, patting him on the back. Who knew I was with the Tatweer David Beckham? It was time for the final sport, and we wondered if Matt could continue his winning steak through the next competition, we looked to the board and saw that next up was….basketball. We decided that it was indeed, time to go home!

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udjim said...

'Gotta love the left foot - you may have made the best decision to forego the basketball event. The last time I saw him play basketball, we wound up in the emergency room (but so did the other guy).