Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Long Hug Goodbye!

The moment finally arrived last week, I put my little sister on a plane as she embarked on the next phase of her life - in London!

What was just a "summer visit" two and half years ago turned into a career move and a permanent residence.  Which then in turn lead to a secondary move to the UK this Spring.  You can imagine how my duped my Mom feels after she consented to the original "summer trip" in 2008!

We treated Lisa to one last night out on the town to send her off in style.  Buddha Bar was the site of the celebratory send off and after a delicious dinner and drinks, we ended the night stomping our stilettos at Shades in the Address Marina.  While we are all sad to see Lisa go, we wish her the best of luck (and can't wait for the subsided UK travel.  Free place to stay for...Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, Royal Wedding, heck...Harry Potter tour!)

Lisa we will see you Warren! (...Moon...soon)  Rhyming cockney anyone?

There are tears behind the smiles...

Turning the light bulb at Shades.  A signature move.
A list of things we will miss about Lisa...including borrowing her wardrobe.
A kiss for her Majesty.  
Nothing says goodbye like a few cosmos and a fake birthday gratis cake!

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