Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Dubai

We didn't take too much notice of the huge pile of wood boards that was stacking up on the side of the road for the past few weeks.  In a city with this much construction it's pretty much a common site to see piles of all kinds of building materials stacked up around the city.

Although one day we realized that the pile was beginning to take shape.  What that a wave?  A corkscrew?  We watched day over day as this pile of overgrown match sticks headed towards the sky.  Then we realized that the vacant building adjacent to the growing structure was set to be an art gallery and exhibition space.  Awesome!  We were getting neighborhood gallery and clearly the chopsticks monster outside was emerging as our first piece of sculpture.  And what a piece it turned out to be!  Meant to look like the outline of a soaring falcon from overhead and like a birds nest underneath the completed art piece launched the opening of the Pavilion Art Gallery in Burj Downtown.

We attended the opening last Thursday and we are delighted that we are going to have some art exhibitions headed to the 'hood.  I have a few things that were good enough for Mom's refrigerator - I wonder if they will consider a few of my better works?
 The matchstick monster.  I love it!
 There is a new theater to show art films.  Best part?  Beanbag chairs!
 The central space houses a library and a cafe with a cool plant wall on the far side.
The falcon looks great lit up at night. 

This was one of the performers at the opening.  I'm not saying I "get" it.  But I do like the enthusiasm.

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