Tuesday, March 29, 2011

French Spiderman Climbs the Burj Khalifa

Yesterday, in celebration of Katie's birthday, Alain Robert, also know as "Spiderman" due to fact that he has already climbed 70 other skyscrapers, scrambled up the outside of the Burj Khalifa.  Okay, he was also doing it for the Education Without Borders conference, but that was only the first 20 floors or so - the rest, and the fireworks, were all for Katie!
Right before we left for her birthday dinner Katie was able to enjoy the fireworks display that I had arranged for her - right in front of our apartment windows:

Ok, fine they were also for the Education Without Borders event.  Just don't tell her that.

Starting at 6:03pm, he finally finished around 12:30am - what a slowpoke!  In six and a half hours, we were able to get changed, have a lovely birthday dinner out on the town, come home, change again, and get comfy to watch him reach the top.  All he did was climb up 858 meters - chump. 
Different from his normal un-assisted climbs, you can see Alain here using his harness and belay.  We won't hold it against him - at the top, he actually was blown off of the spire by high winds a couple of times.  
The Burj Khalifa management actually turned off the building lights for that part (didn't help - he was wearing an orange jumpsuit), but then brought them back on when he made it close to the top of the spire.  Check it out:
Don't like my Mr. Blurrycam pictures?  Keep in mind that guy was over a mile away from my camera - if you have something that'll work for that, please send it on over!

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