Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Full Moon Over the Burj Dubai

In this week's installment of "Pretty Things With Matt", we're bringing you a scene from Dubai with a little dose of religious edumication.  The night two weeks before Ramadan is marked by a full moon, and named Lailat al Barai'ah ("Night of Forgiveness" - thank you Google).  Not that I knew any of this when I decided to take pictures of a big bright moon and a really tall building. 

It was a royal pain to find the right spot for this shot - it turns out that is was in a dust bowl in Jumeirah, just outside of the Bur Dubai jail.  The real trick isn't finding the spot or taking the pictures - it's convincing the police that the guy parked outside the prison wall, shooting in the direction of the inmates with a high powered lens and a tripod, is really just trying to get a shot for the cover of his new coffee table book, "Phallic Symbols of the World". Enjoy!

1 comment:

jimdad said...

If there is a way to make the Burj look even more surreal, you've found it. I have to say the effort was worth it (easy for me to say).

And thanks for sending the photos AFTER the crime, so that I can truthfully testify, "Your honor, I had no prior knowledge of this".