Sunday, June 13, 2010

Munchin' in Munchen

The food in Munich deserves its own little post. Let's just say that Mr. Atkins would approve. Not to mention it turns out that being from Pennsylvania Dutch territory I felt right at home with the menu!
Yup. I didn't even know they could come in that size. Oh happy day!

Each mug is about 3.5 beers. Matt got brave and went for the super dark stuff.

Apfelstrudel, you just can't say no.

They are so good apart, why not together? Matt reports back: ewww, don't do that.

The power of the pretzel.

Pork seven ways. That's almost too versatile don't you think?

The divine weissbier and infamous pork knuckles. Pigs don't really have knuckles, so I'll let you guess.

Matt ordered a BLT. More like a BBBlt.


udjim said...

With a major bacon fix for Matt and pretzels for Katie (what were those, 1/2 pounders?), all washed down with copious beer, Munich seems to have nailed the true meaning of "Happy Meal".

Unknown said...

As a fellow lover of chocolate covered pretzels, that is one of the most glorious snack sightings I've ever seen! Bravo Katie for finding the best version of a soft pretzel - EVER!!!! I hope it was delicious?!!!