Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Fabulous 40's

Any lady can attest to the the myriad of tools that lie within our beauty regime.  We've got gels, sprays, lotions, pins, brushes, and "that thing that looks like a mid-evil torture device" according to Matt - eye lash curlers.  However, in my quest to perfect my throwback 1940s do, I didn't think that I would be standing in the bathroom cutting up a dry sponge and swearing like a sailor.

It all started the evening before.  Matt and I had been invited to the USO's annual gala (where all the funds go directly to the troops)!  It was a big band 1940's event and patrons were encouraged to dress from the decade.  I've been watching 'The Pacific' lately and I decided that I was going to attempt the quintessential decade do - the "victory rolls".  A quick YouTube tutorial on how to get 1940's hair in less than 10 mins gave me the confidence I needed to achieve the look.

Boy, was I in over my head.  Hair needs to be set in rolls, then teased, then wrapped around 'filler sponges', then pinned and rolled into place.  Ninety minutes later I realized why they were called victory rolls - because by the time you finish them you want to scream "VICTORY" over your poor head of hair.  I gave it my best shot!

So off we went, and had a great time enjoying the musical stylings of the Liberty Bells and the big band musical.  We boogie-woogied our bugle boy all night long.
Then, in a total surprise visit, her Royal Highness Queen Sylvia Nagginda Luswata of Uganda showed up during the evening to lend her support.  Of course, I didn't expect to meet a Queen with kitchen sponges in my hair - that will be our little secret!   


udjim said...

No offense, but you look right at home with the 40's look, Katie. Love the B%W photo.

For the sake of parity, I'd like to know how much time Matt spent on his hair for this event - less than 90 minutes?

Anisha said...

your hair looks amazing!
i just stumbled upon this blog, but it is great!!!