Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Fly Now, and Get a Free PhD!

Good news, bad news - good news first. You now have to call me Dr. Mueller. Sure, it's not as good as Dr. Strangelover, Dr. No, or any of the doctors on MASH, but it's a start!
The bad news is that I only found out as I was supposed to take the stage, and boy was that an interesting conversation!
Enter the first Hello Dubai Blog Contest: Name the doctorate! Write your best backstory, school, and degree in the comments, and win a traditional Saudi dishdasha, along with a signed copy of my book, "The World According to Dr. Mueller".

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udjim said...

Congratulations on recognition of your lifelong accomplishments; according to Wikipedia...

As early as kindergarten, Dr. Mueller began development of what has become known as the Laws of Matthewnomics. Urged on by exhausted instructors eager to see him off to his next academic challenge, Dr. Mueller established the tenet that no law or rule is valid unless and until it has been subjected to his own unique program of stretching, bending, twisting, rationalizing, etc. Those few laws and rules that have survived these tests have been integrated into Mueller's Laws of Matthewnomics, on which Dr. Mueller is universally considered the international authority and holds the first, and to date only, Doctorate.