Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I'll Take Two of Those Weird Bottles, Bangkok Water Canoe Sales Lady"

Carrying on an unprecedented winning streak of 1,673 completely idiotic acts accomplished without dying, I recently purchased a weird "medicine" or "vitality drink" (we couldn't get a translation) from a nice little lady that was paddling down a waterway in Bangkok. It seemed safe enough - the writing was in Japanese, and nothing Japanese can be bad, right? So, for the bottom-dollar price of $.04 I wolfed it down. We didn't check, but it had to be either flourescent yellow or Hulk green - either way, it tasted funny. 50% Jolly Rancher, 50% weird Southeast Asian root.
In any case, it seems to have worked. Not only did I get another stupid death-defying act in (and learned that royal palace gaurds are NOT party animals), but I slept like a baby that night. And crazy canoe lady is off to make somebody else's day!

1 comment:

udjim said...

'Hope those are 3oz. bottles, so you can bring some samples home on the plane...