Saturday, February 21, 2009

The American Woman's Association Gala

We are sure getting great use out of Matt's new tuxedo!Since we've been in Dubai, Matt and I have had ample opportunity to donate and support good causes. Just a month ago we participated in a silent auction for the Palestinian Children's Fund, and other causes have included fundraising for local schools in Dubai and lots of donations towards medical research. Last evening we had a chance to support one of my favorite causes - American Women! - for some reason it is just an issue that hits close to home :) Wooooohoooo, American Women! All kidding aside we were thrilled to be invited by our good friend, Lucy Chow and her husband (pictured below), to the American Woman's Association annual gala event which raises funds for the AWA scholarship program, who give scholarships to American students studying abroad. It was a black tie function which of course mandates a long dress, but I just had to include a picture of my footwear here since these poor babies didn't get much 'air time', but any girl knows: it's all about the shoes!

The AWA put on a really nice event at the Grand Hyatt, complete with live music throughout dinner from a local high school band (ah, that brought back memories). We were even seated next to a couple at dinner who are from Great Falls, VA and who just had a daughter graduate from UVA. As you might guess the conversation topics with Matt were endless.
The only challenge during these fund raising events is trying to keep Matt's competitive nature at bay. There was also a silent auction at this event and Matt skimmed the prizes when we came in. I should have known that something was up when he disappeared from the table at the end of night. The next time I found him he was carrying a 3 1/2 ft. tall vase. Of course. But I really couldn't get too mad, because as soon as we got home he placed on a built-in shelf in our living room that I haven't been able to successfully fill for one year. It looks like his instincts were spot on - this time. A fiance with an eye for interior design and helping out a great cause? That is really a combination to look for.

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jimdad said...

I can't imagine the damage you'll do if you ever stumble into a shoe auction. Oh, the humanity.