Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dubai by Air

Some of you saw the New York Times article on "36 hours in Dubai" last week, but we're here to give you the real deal. Just because some girl came to visit a friend, went to a couple of bars, got a massage, read some restaurant reviews and flew back to JFK does NOT qualify them to guide your tourist itinerary.

So let's up the ante. For the next few days, we'll walk you through weekends in the life of Dubaiyans (new word - you read it here first!), and give you the fabulousness that only comes from blowing massive amounts of dirhams in service our readers.
Weekend 1:
Dawn. The sun rises yet again over the desert to the East, and the night's partying dies down at the marina to the west. What better activity than to get in a tiny plane and see what Dubai looks like from the air? Answer - it's a bit dusty, but stillpretty cool. Take a look at the fly-by of the Dubai Marina below. And speaking of fabulousness, check out some of the royal family's villas on the Palm in the gallery here. Stay tuned for what happens back on dry land...

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Lindsey said...

The pictures in the gallery are so amazing! I mean, some of those houses on The Palm look like movie sets. Is Alladin real? I mean, at this point it seems anything is possible! I'm so glad you guys are having such an amazing time!