Tuesday, April 22, 2008

360 Degrees

They don't call it 360 for nothing! Matt and I just had the chance to finally hang out at one of the city's top hot spots, the 360 Bar at Jumeriah Beach Hotel. It is a circular building at the end of a pier which is situated out in the middle of the ocean off the Dubai coast line. (Seen in the picture below). The walk to the bar is so long that they actually shuttle people there via golf cart. The bottom floor, which is glassed-in is a seafood restaurant and the top floor is an open air bar with comfy sofas and tables which are usually packed with folks ordering bottle service and smoking hookah. This place is always completely packed, so we had to arrive early to secure a spot, and when I say I early, I mean 4:00 in the afternoon - to grab a table for the evening's festivities. The view was completely worth it, our table gave us a clear view of the Burj al Arab and we got to watch the sunset over the Arabian Gulf. A nice way to spend the weekend!

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