Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Own Flash Mob at Dubai Airport!

Airports aren't really known for their "fun" factor especially during holiday travel.  As Matt and I prepare for the 14 hour trek home for Christmas I'm already mentally preparing myself for the minefield that is the holiday flight to JFK.  However, it turns out there are a few ways to make people smile in airports: upgrade them to business class, a sale at duty free, tell them the plane will be arriving early, and a flash mob! Terminal 1 played host to an energetic group of Fly Dubai air hostesses, Duty Free staff, passerbyers, and a few crazy kids who joined forces to bring us our very own flash mob in the Dubai (DXB) Airport.

If you are looking for some fun and to put a smile on your face I highly recommend the below five minutes!  The other great observation is the mix of people not only participating but watching the mob.  This is a a great spot-check on the diversity of people that Dubai plays host to - and it's pretty awesome they all seem equally delighted - turns out there are things that bind us all and a flash mob might be one of them!  Heck, if this happened at Christmas I might be willing to miss my flight - who am I kidding I would have joined in!


jimdad said...

I can't stop smiling - that has to be the most fun anyone can have at an airport (without getting arrested).

sissi said...

Hi! Do you guys know where can we find a company that organizes flash mobs?

Thank you!