Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Rake Magazine Launch

The Rake only means one thing to a Pennsylvania farm-raised lady like myself. So, when I was first invited to the launch party of the The Rake - I thought we were going to be feting my favorite garden tool. Which, of course, seemed strange because there was such a stylish young man on my invitation. Then a friend told me that the rake is also the cut that a casino takes when hosting a poker game. Hmmm. It seemed my handsome friend would be more at home at a swanky poker game instead of raking up leaves in my yard. Still not sure of the meaning of the name, but delighted nonetheless, I was happy to be invited to the launch of The Rake magazine. It's the "modern voice of classic elegance" for men. A fashion magazine who appreciates and upholds men who dress to a certain standard - nice!

According to them they are "aimed at the mature-minded gent who draws his sartorial inspiration from icons such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, and the Duke of Windsor..."

Well said gentlemen.  Welcome to Dubai!

The fabulous venue at the new Royal Mirage on the Palm.

Must have this hanging sculpture...

With my pink gals Lucy and Fiona.
Looking back on to the Dubai coastline from the reclaimed land of the Palm.

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