Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Ins and Outs of Moving In Dubai

How do you go - in just a few hours - from this:

To this:

Answer?  These guys:
(quick shout-out - if you like movers who stage photo shoots on your balcony, call GCP Movers)

After three years of love, it was time to throw our apartment back into the sea to find another (or, more accurately, our landlord was way overextended and needed to sell our apartment for ca$h!).  So, after an exhaustive search of every available apartment within a 200 yard radius, we moved a few doors down.
Now we see the Burj from the other side!
Moving is SO MUCH FUN! 

Lucky, too - our new doorman actually told us about the apartment for rent, and earned himself a cool referral fee of a portable DVD player.  The big winners, however, were the box suppliers, our maid Jocelyn (who basically got a new apartment's worth of stuff), and the good consumers on Dubizzle. 
Tetris is a lot easier when every piece is a cube...

Turns out that while we upgraded our square footage, it went directly into wider hallways, an extra bathroom, and a "breakfast nook".  We don't need a breakfast nook.
However, thanks to the new room configuration, we did need new furniture, so have had a fire sale for the past week.  New sofas, new cabinets, and a new wine bar (knew we could do something with that nook!) are all in the work.  Pictures shortly!

By the way, anybody need a second bedroom set?

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jimdad said...

Can't believe your view is even BETTER!

Ready to see the interior shots now.