Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ry Does Dubai

It was great to have my younger brother Ryan here for the past 10 days!  He made the Shaver-clan three stong here in the Middle East, just enough to start a rebellion with our state-side counterparts, almost a quorum.  It nearly took brute force to get Ryan to leave the county when his time was up, appartenly hanging out on the beach is significantly more fun than studying for his PharmD exams.  Here are a few highlights from his trip. 

Ryan tries fondue for the first time while overlooking the slopes of the Ski Dubai

Smoking the shisha for beginners

Shopping for a yacht at the Dubai Boat Show
Ryan's first Indian food - you can see a little sweat on the brow...
I think this look is suprising natural on him!
Bash those dunes!
Enjoying the dessert room at Traiteur for brunch
The lobby of the Atlantis hotel
Who says they don't have pork in Dubai?

1 comment:

udjim said...

You folks are just great hosts - By the looks of those photos, Ryan should have left with considerably more baggage (around the middle) than when he arrived.