Monday, March 29, 2010

28 on the 28th

There comes a time is every woman's life when she starts lying about her age right? I was thinking that this might be the year except for the fact that my date of birth was directly correlated to my age this year! It was too obvious to start this year but next year when I turn 27 no one will be any wiser. I rang in 28 on the 28th of March this weekend and had a fantastic party coordinated by super husband of the year and all around awesome guy - Matt.

Not only is the featured cake a triple layer red velvet by Magnolia bakery, but he actually convinced the local gelato shop to make a few batches of mint-chocolate gelato to bring to the party. You forget how delightful ice cream cones really are until you realize that instead of a wine glass all the party attendees are manhandling a freshly scooped cone. Bonus points for Matt. Even more bonus points for not being able to find an "8" candle for the cake (now I can really lie about my age). Armed with only a number 2 candle, I was feted not only with the English but French and Italian versions of Happy Birthday. It was a great evening topped off by some dancing at Club 400 where there were a few dance moves on display that will live in infamy.

Oh yeah, apparently I'm losing my dexterity in my old age. My first slice removed from the cake ended up icing the floor after the knife got caught in paper....if there is one thing you’re never too old for it's the FIVE SECOND rule!

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