Monday, October 27, 2008


Surprise!!! You get all dressed up, you go to a nice french dinner with your wonderful fiance. Sitting down, you have some champagne to celebrate - why not? And hey, it's your birthday tomorrow!

You order soup, seared fish, and a chocolate souffle. The restaurant even surprises you with a cake and candles! You relax, have a little port, and take it easy. And hey, it your birthday tomorrow!
Unfortunately, that pesky sister-in-law, Lisa, calls at the end with a ton of drama. You're stuffed and relaxed, so it doesn't bother you that much. BUT, your fiance, Katie, has to go meet her out to clear things. She doesn't want to go, but since it's only on the other side of the resort, you don't mind. Soooo, you walk over.

Lisa meets you both at the door, all antsy in her pantsy, and you think "great, let's get this over with. Maybe I can have more champagne." The club is DESERTED. Good choice for a emotional breakdown :) You go upstairs, peel back the curtain, and....

........SURPRISE! It's a party room packed wall to wall with friends, champagne, and birthday decorations. But hey, it's your birthday TOMORROW! Sadly, Katie's calendar was broken - plus, I was totally unprepared this way. She got me good - but now I'm afraid of Katie because she figured out how to keep a secret! People changed plane flights to be there, lied to me about what they doing, and organized all sorts of logistics. Some people even went to the wrong hotel and were stranded for the night (you know who you are!).

We partied the night away (into my actual birthday). Everyone enjoyed their fair share of spirits and wines, some impromptu greco-roman wrestling, a ton of "full extensions", and yes - more cake! But it didn't end there - more partying, more dancing, more spirits - all way too much fun. Once the club closed, we moved on to the apartment. In typical fashion, I decided to make fresh popcorn and fried chicken from scratch while we played Wii until the sun came up. Needless to say, I was pooped - exactly how Katie planned it. Which is why she scheduled massages for the afternoon - oh, what a weekend :) And here's a big, public thank you to the best girl a guy could ever have: I’m still in a surreal state of shock (and a twinge of dizziness) over the surprise last night. To be here halfway around the world, go into a hidden room behind a curtain, and find so many great friends in one place – I’m speechless. Thank you so much for making it all happen right under my nose - this was the best present, and best birthday. You're the greatest!

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udjim said...

Amazing party! 'Good thing you have a year to recover - except for that little wedding thing next August.