Monday, May 12, 2008

This Is A Dance Floor, Not The Autobahn

If there's one thing that the government of Dubai has bought in bulk, it's speed bumps. Every turn, every roundabout, every...ten feet - a speed bump. That's the real reason that everyone has an SUV. But now, a new low. Seeking to keep down the dancing nature of the Middle East's more spirited expats, it seems the Road and Transport Authority has gotten a little carried away. We were visiting a concert in the Irish Village with our friend Imad late Saturday night when we noticed a weird bump on the floor. Less than 10 feet from enough Guinness to bring the house down, a speed bump has been put right through the concert dance stage. While Katie and I sat out the end of the festivities (it was a work night, after all), it seems a few people were able to deal with the speed bump just fine:

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