Sunday, May 18, 2008

Having a 'Ball'

The ‘ball’ has become the new addition to Matt and I’s social calendar. In the States the need for a floor length gown and a tuxedo was usually reserved for just one or two events every year, if that. Even the nicest company Christmas parties didn’t require a cummerbund. It seems that everyone in Dubai wants to party down in black tie. On Thursday we attended the FDESS/FDESC Ball, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it is for the ‘Friends of Dubai English Speaking School’ and ‘Friends of Dubai English Speaking College’. Both are private elementary and high schools, mostly for expat kids. Matt’s COO’s children attend the school and his wife was on the organizing committee for the event so we decided to attend in a show of support. At my school the PTA used to organize bake sales, in Dubai they organize galas. We had a great dinner, where Matt appropriately toasted “here’s to, ummm….English speaking children?!”, and danced the night away with Matt’s colleagues. The most ironic part of the whole evening was the slide show that was running. It was showing clips of the kids at school doing a variety of activities, among them were a few sporting events where they were wearing custom made, fitted, embroidered jerseys. Matt looked up and exclaimed, “Whatever happened to pinnies? These kids don’t need my money!” It’s a far cry from our public school days!

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