Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh Boy, This is Some Sweet Stuff

Rashid here, reporting in from a typical US "bed and breakfast". They call it the "Inn at Little Washington", but I see no little kids in wigs no matter how many crazy Southerners I come across. I'm telling you, George Washington founded this little town in Virginia, and it has 200 people 200 years later - if that flop happened in Dubai, somebody would be dropped off in the desert without a camel! If you've heard of - ahem - His Highness Sheikh Mohammed UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai - you'd be knowing yourselves some enlightened dictatorship.

Yes, I have picked up the "dope lingo". But at the same time, I'm still thinking, what do my peeps want to get down with on my happenins? Oh, for shizzle, that's right! We gots you helicopter lessons, real estate, and - *gasp* - pork. No, I didn't eat any, but I totally saw like 5 people eating bacon. And not the beef bacon we have in Dubai (may it rest in peace, that tasty jerky), but crunchy, tasty, yummy, not-for-your-Gulf-resident Friday brunch-extravanganza kinda guy. So, land of the free, home of the brave - but seriously, there's enough heresy here to fill a Texas thimble. I can't wait to get back home to Dubai, but I have one last hurdle to pass beforehand - the "night out". I bet they can't hold a candle to desert camping, but I'm willing to give it a try - stay tuned!

While you're waiting, you can see my first helicopter lesson. That crazy instructor - he thought I knew what I was doing! Good thing there were two sets of controls - I can't imagine how the Shiekh gets into one of these every day...

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