Sunday, July 8, 2012

Knot Standard Photo Shoot

Things have been pretty busy around here in Dubai - work, work work!  Fortunately, it's not all sitting behind a desk.  We recently got a team together for a large photo and video shoot of the new Knot Standard collection.  Starting at 7am on the weekend, it took three grinding days to get through hundreds of new products, but you can see the fruits of our labor on the new Knot Standard website at

Everything starts with makeup and hair - or as Katie called it, "Making of a Ken doll".
Setup and styling is no joke either - everyone at the shoot was a knot-tying expert by the end of the shoot.  Even the tag-alongs, like the stylist's dog Becks (great mascot, fits in a garment bag!):
Not everything went perfectly - you can't do a shoot without breaking a few lights:

To keep the shoot on schedule, we actually made two shoot setups, side-by-side:
 For the nerds out there, yes, that's a Red Scarlett, and yes, we shot in 5K video.  The cart in the background (and guy manning it in the black t-shirt) is just to hold the hard drives to accept the data from the camera.  James Cameron, eat your heart out:
 Meet one of our models - these suits were made for them, but true to our model, they didn't even get a fitting before the shoot - just dress and shoot!

Here's a quick clip of the full shoot - enjoy:

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'Looks like your apartment has gotten a bit larger!