Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Dubai!

Ryan touched down in Dubai for the second time since his visit last March.  July in Dubai is a bit more, shall we say, sticky.  Undaunted, (as most of you know Ryan spends most of his time shirtless), he packed up his running shorts and his girlfriend Jessie and came to our little oven of city.

Being his second time around Ryan was able to play host to the sights of Dubai, but we still decided to throw off his familiarity by moving apartments since the last time he was here, although he still remembered his way around the Gold Souk, the fish market, and the Dubai Mall.  When he arrived he told me he had a surprise for me, and he slowly pulled a Wawa soft pretzel from his backpack.  Less than 24 hours old?  Yessir.  It was a dream come true!  Ry definitely knows the price of admission!

We were delighted to have he and Jessie stay with us for the week, and here are just a few things we got up to.
A hand made, er, hand ordered traditional Indian feast!  I never met a curry I didn't like and if the empty bowl from Ryan's lamb roganjosh was any indication we have the same taste.
Fi joins us for a night out at Zuma, Dubai's sushi lounge hotspot.  Do apple martinis have a place in the food pyramid?
Ryan (in his natural state) lends Jessie some support while she tries shisha for the first time at the Nasimi Beach pool party.
The best flower arrangements in the city!  The lobby of Al Qasr hotel never disappoints.
Of course we had to take the kids to brunch!  Jesse is wowed by the mini Tabasco sauces (they are pretty cute)!
Class is in session.  Fiona schools Jessie in how to acquire 20 drinks in 2 minutes before the brunch cut off time.  Nice goin' gals.
Everybody is happy when brunch is on the docket (Ryan is crying tears of joy beneath those shades).  Our friend Guy and Sarah joined up and helped Ryan and Jessie practice their French before the Paris leg of their tour.
Is that guy a model?

You guys are welcome back any time.  Just keep in mind we are in a recession and inflation is high, I'll have to demand two soft pretzels next time!

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