Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toilets and Blackberries Don't Mix

This is reason #4,126 to put your Blackberry down every once in a while.  See, I like to destroy phones - every six months or so (none in the past 15 years have ever lasted longer than nine months), I find an excuse to end the miserable phone's existence.  Broken in my tech bag, dropped on the tile floor at an airport - I've even thrown a particularly annoying Nokia into the Arabian Gulf (editor's note - take out the SIM before you exact your revenge).

In all this time, however, I've never, ever, lost a phone to the toilet.  Yet, here I am, standing over this pile of parts with a hair dryer, wondering how I'm ever going to argue that this is covered by the warranty:

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jimdad said...

Having lots of experience crashing model airplanes into Seneca Lake, I can say I feel your pain - but I can also share the solution...

First of all, soak everything in alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind) as soon as possible and gently dry with a hair dryer.

For real protection next time, spray with Corrosion-X and wipe off all the excess before reassembling (you don't want this stuff on your new KnotStandard suit)