Monday, June 6, 2011

How Can We Sleep When Our Beds Are, Broken?

Remember those movers that I was so pleased with a few weeks back?  Consider my endorsement removed.  As it turns out, they cut a few corners that didn't manifest themselves until we least expected.  Ever wonder what happens when you balance the bed on it supports, instead of screwing them in?
Well, now we know - and know is the half the battle.  Unfortunately, the other half of the battle is going to Ace Hardware, buying lumber and heavy-duty brackets, and performing orthopedic surgery on our poor bed.
Fortunately, I have a sterile OR prepped for just these types of jobs.  Notice the dining room table that I'm working around.  In the end, I was pretty proud of my handiwork. 
To all of you moving out there, be warned: if your movers end up with extra parts, get your money back!


Robin said...

This reminds me of building a dining room set at the lake. I seem to remember some extra pieces that we just didn't know what to do with...It became clear when Matt landed on the floor on top of a broken chair.

Katie Shaver said...

Ha Robin, so true!

How funny was that weekend? I remember Matt insisting that it must have been an extra piece and in one minute he was on the floor!

Just cracking up thinking about it now - thanks for reminding me!

jimdad said...

There is always the alternative which we guys generally ignore: