Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abu Dhabi F1 - If You Don't Go for the Cars, Go for the Concerts!

The only way to make sure that your time was well spent at the Abu Dhabi F1 is to make sure you are coming home with a significant amount of ringing in your ears - whether the cause be car or concert.

This year we skipped the time trials and when straight to the after party and however cliche this may sound, dare I say it was the party of the year?

The folks that run the Sky Bar in Beiruit put their event management and planning skills to work and brought us the "Sky Bar" positioned within it's own inflated dome, stadium-style risers for the VIP table service and a T-shaped stage built up in the middle.

The party was fantastic!  The headliners where Rudy, Basement Jaxx, Tinie Tempah, and Kelis!  (Click on the link to hear Kelis tell us all about her milkshake!)

Just when we thought the concerts couldn't get any better a rumor started circulating amongst the crowd that they were expecting a surprise musical guest.  We had no idea who we could be anticipating while the stage crew was setting up the set and when the lights went up - Prince danced out on stage!  The crowd went absolutely nuts!  He did a 90 minute set with his band and it was unlike any concert I've ever experienced.  He gives new clarity to the term 'musical genius'.  He also made a point of telling the audience "this is real music, by real musicians."

As if you needed any other mark of a good night - we arrived up as the sun was breaking through the clouds.  Anything for his highness!


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