Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And They're Off! Dubai World Cup 2010

As usual at the Dubai World Cup there are two competitions the first is between the horses of course, and the second is amongst the fierce fashionistas (and their obliging males) who dress to the nines and compete for prizes, notoriety and just the fun of it all.

This was our third World Cup so it's safe to say that we are getting the hang of it, but it's not without its effort! While Matt borrowed his tux jacket from the wedding and put a rush order in with the tailors for custom white suit pants and a shirt, while I was running around between hat fittings and looking for satin gloves. Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration this year and I was hoping to court public favor with our black and white combos! Not to mention the best dressed lady award comes with a Land Rover for the year - which is probably the only car big enough to wear a hat in!

We started the day at our friend Fiona's house where she put on a fantastic spread and we filled up on nibbles and bubbles (as the Brits would say) and once charged up we headed to the new Meydan race course. While straining to actually see a horse, we hung out in the Style Lounge and awaited the the fashion 'races'. After a long hot day in the sun Matt and I ended up in the top 4 of 200 entrants in the Best Dressed Couple competition and I was pleased to land in the top 20 of 500 Best Dressed ladies. Alas, like any good competition you can't predict who is going to pull through and we didn't clinch the title. Although, I'd already cinched my prize for the day - I am so keeping the hat!

This picture was featured in the Gulf News!

Milliner Karen Hamilton made this creation!
We didn't go to the races hungry, that's for sure!
Fiona is the hostess with the mostess
All the dolled up gals
The Top 20 - competition was fierce!
The massive Meydan venue - view from the Apron views
What do you think of our outfits?!

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udjim said...

'Looks like another great party. Love the dress, Katie. I think Matt needs to reconsider the fedora.