Friday, February 26, 2010

A Dubai Tailgate

Tailgating in Dubai is just a bit different. With the absence of any real professional sporting teams - including "football", rugby, and cricket - we transplants rarely get the opportunity to pack up the picnic goods and hang out in the back of cars in anticipation for the big event.

Last week, we finally had an opportunity to spread out our blankets and pop up our fold out chairs for the Prince's Cup Polo matches. It was glorious 85 degree day and we took in the fun with a number of our good friends including the Colonel (that's right we had a bucket of KFC on hand - told you it was a real tailgate). Of course there are a few things that are different, the attire suggests something a bit more refined than the average NFL game, and hats are always welcome. I never pass on an opportunity to sport my big 'ol hat!

Of course, imbibing is always a part of a good tailgate and this was no exception.  The polo club staff had this aspect well in hand - there was a golf cart running up and down the length of the field selling bottles of Veuve Clicquot.  That's a first!

As for the games, it's hard to tell who is working harder the jockeys or the horses?

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udjim said...

From the photos, one thing is certain - both the jockeys and the horses work a lot harder than the fans (but I'll bet their after-race parties are wild).