Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shop Till You Drop!

The mark of what makes a sport can be defined by many things. However I've always thought that if there is a marching band involved there is a pretty good chance that you are watching an athletic spectacle.

If that is the case, then our recent trip to the Dubai Mall for dinner might qualify shopping as a sport! To celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which is a month-long shopping event where scores of stores slash their prices, the Dubai government provided us with some fun entertainment. An entire parade including a band, drum core, whirling dervishes, and even dancing shopping bags came through the mall in full force. Check out the videos of the parade in action – especially those dancing shopping bags? Who said there’s a recession?

1 comment:

udjim said...

Now, if they'd only tell you which stores in the mall sell those costumes!